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We are launching community in Discord and Telegram
We are launching community in Discord and Telegram

Communication is so deep-seated within us, we often do not recognize it. That's why we launched our public communities in Telegram and Discord. So that you may be aware of the information from the music space.

You can find the links to both open communities in the post below.

Make Music, not war!

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Sanctions to Russia by Western Financial system
March 4 2022

Unfortunately, due to sanctions on Russian financial system, we cannot proceed any new releases by the Russian artists distributed to major stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. via PublMe - Distribution because our 3rd party payment provider has stopped the operation with the Russian currency and accounts.

However, these limitations will not affect PublMe - Explore store releases.

We will be precisely watching this situation hoping that it is temporarily while making our best to support new releases placement in PublMe - Explore store.

We understand this is a difficult time and we appreciate your understanding. Please STAY TUNED, because PublMe is for Everyone. Really.


PublMe - Explore


UPDATE (22/04/2022): delivery and distribution of music and video content to Russian services Yandex, UMA and SberZvuk, is currently suspended. This will not affect content that has already been delivered to these platforms.

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