It is explicit now why the Educate module is that important and why we even consider it the main module of our platform.

Understanding this, all other modules may be described as supporting each other and the base one - Educate.

Creation module, for example, certainly is the closest in relation to Educate as we do not create anything only for ourselves and every creation is based on communication. We firstly get the idea that we are willing to arrange or produce in a certain way, and we get it through communication (which is also education). Then we start working on our track and we do it in cooperation with others directly or indirectly (because we always think about listeners, producers experience, trends or anti-trends, etc., while creating). And finally we release the track which process is again the communication (and education) as well.

All of the modules of the platform can be described in the way of relation to the Educate part of the platform, where you can not only learn but also educate bringing your new approaches to creativity.

By this post we want to clarify the importance of our Educate module and of the education itself. As there are many different approaches, which we would like to show to the community.

Stay tuned, because PublMe is For Everyone. Really.