So here you are my friend at the brand new platform designed to enable every one of us to make your dreams of a perfect track, a perfect vision, a perfect play come true.

Just a few years ago it was nearly impossible for us to attract the masses and industry pros to our content. Now, when different streaming platforms are at our disposal it is getting much easier, but still not as much straightforward as it is desired. Firstly, because of huge and continually growing amount of content released it is hard to break through to our target audience. Secondly, it is difficult to get an advice from the competent and skillful authorities, an advice that could be so helpful for a newcomer. And most importantly, when you are young and just starting you simply don’t have enough money for your promotion on web to get through all of this buzz, especially now when each day more than 60000 tracks are being released.

We have considered all these facts and even more, as we are ourselves as a band, producers, authors - we were facing all the difficulties possible on our way. So, what we wanted to do, was to build the alternative world to all this – the platform where music creators may be happy producing their pieces of art and make them discovered and recognized. And we hope we are going to succeed in this with your support.

Please let us introduce the PublMe to you. PublMe is not just a platform, it is an alive growing community network of talented people, each ready to help and support another. Together we are going to be strong and ready to win.

One of the many services that we are going to provide is NFT (non-fungible token) creation, a brand new and very up to date feature enabling to monetize your creativity in a certain way. We would like to say a few words on the NFT topic in upcoming posts so you will be able to get to know about it better soon.

Please stay tuned and... PublMe. is. For everyone. Really.



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