My name is Charlotte Martinez but you probably know me as CHARLOTTE MAR. I was born in Utah and moved to Pennsylvania because my dad wanted to start his own law firm. When I was 9 I started realizing I would get so sad during the holiday times and I didn’t fully comprehend what was going on.

When I turned 14 it got so bad that I ended up being really suicidal and didn’t know how to get rid of it. That’s when I was diagnosed with seasonal depression and something during the winter time just triggers it.

I would always tell myself that people didn’t like me because I was going through my “sad holiday”.

At the time before I wrote the song my dream had always been to make music and I talked to my dad about it he said he didn’t know and I know it was destiny because I went to an audition and there was a label rep and told me he wanted to sign me to make music for their label, but when I did I pulled up sad holiday which I had written 2 months prior they then rejected it and told me no

2 years later I decide to not renew my contract and go fully independent and then I was going through a google drive folder titled “yucky demos” and I found sad holiday and realized this a part of my story that I want the world to hear.

And almost 4 years later I’m about to turn 18 and told myself this can’t go unheard and now my sad holiday could hopefully relate to someone else and that’s it’s okay to be sad on the jolliest time of year!


Listen now: CHARLOTTE MAR - Sad Holiday