Hi everyone!

Once more we would like to tell a few words about how you can get monetization of your activity on PublMe. It seems like this topic is getting more and more important to all of us nowadays.

The good news are that every activity you make within the platform is automatically rewarded. It means that you are granted a particular amount of the local PMC coins for almost each action you take (such as being registered, leaving a comment, posting news, reactions or tracks, inviting friends, sharing your demos, etc.). And you are free to manage the balance of PMCs of your account, meaning you can make them real (with the fiat and crypto conversions available), or you can reward any other user of the platform. You can buy paid services the platform provide or pick up products or services (Gigs) from the users Space Stores.

So, the second way you can monetize your activities is to create your own Space store and start selling your intellectual content, products and services (such as tracks, paid audio and media services, licenses, etc.) through it.

And the third way of monetizing your activity is the broadest and the most encouraging way, the way of growing as an artist, finding your audience and promoting your content when it is expanding.


PublMe platform was created for all of this and we are ready to support you in your every step there.


Stay tuned 💫, grow with the community and become more and more independent with us, because PublMe is for Everyone. Really.




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