The world we live in today has almost incalculable ways of communication. But even in this transparent network that our world seems to be it can be hard to find a proper way to deliver an artistic message and reach out to an audience.


It is especially challenging for an artist who is just starting.

What do we need to do after having created something?

That's right, we need to share our project with other people, because creation is a continuous communication.


Good news are that today it is very easy and fast to classically distribute your music to digital service providers (or DSPs, like: Spotify, Apple, TikTok, YouTube Music, etc.), because in PublMe community network you can do it free of charge.

And even more, with PublMe Distribute you get much more free features, such as:

- Owning and keeping 100% of your copyrights

- Free barcodes and ISRC codes

- Free iTunes pre-orders

- Free pre-saves and release day smart URLs

- Free delivery to new stores

- YouTube Content ID

- Royalty Splits

- Licensing and Synchronization opportunities


And all this applies either to a single artist or to unlimited number of artists, which is good for independent labels.


Join PublMe community network and Enter the Space to get all of these advantages and even more. You are supported by the team of music experts.


We build the community of creative people who are professionals or just starting and who would like to change something in the music industry. We can do that together. We are here to support each other.


PublMe. For Everyone. Really.