Hello everyone! Today and next times we would like to tell you a few more words about opportunities that our platform provides for listeners, creators and for business.

So, what can Listener do on PublMe?

First of all, producers are uploading their music content to the platform and this content may be quite unique of any kind for every taste. Exploring and streaming music is what you can use PublMe for. However, you can still use it for communication with other listeners and creators as well. 

Socializing and sharing track feedback is another great opportunity that PublMe provides for the listeners. You can create your own communities inside the community network or you can join any already existing group you like and form the taste together with people joining you. The process is fully supported by the platform.

Yet another function which you as a listener can get is the reward of your social (blogging) activity and providing valuable feedback for new producers creations.

Soon we will explain more details about this.

Stay tuned and join us, because PublMe is For Everyone. Really.