Hello everyone!

Today we would like to continue our talk about Educate module, as it is the main module of the platform in a certain sense. Indeed, we all came here to gain certain experience (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.) and education is all about gaining and sharing experience. Communication is the basis of education.

It is clear that we live in era when communication is the basic capital that we operate. Whether it is financial, cultural, social or symbolical capital, communication is the platform, the space, within which and by which this capital is managed, transferred, distributed. Therefore education (and communication) is ultimately the basic resource that we have, and by which we may gain anything we desire or which we would like to share with other people.
It is explicit why the Educate module is that important and why we consider it as a most important module of the platform.

We'll explain more details soon. Please stay with us. PublMe is for everyone. Really.