Today, when we find ourselves in extremely turbulent times of changing political and economic conditions, it is more and more important for us not to be dependent on one source of income or one kind of activity. Many of us are thinking now of starting own businesses to increase the possible income, and Agency PublMe may be the platform to support you in these endeavors.

Each module of our platform has business-applied significance built on the virtual economy concept and integrated into Space core. The platform as a whole is a creator business oriented integrity. For those who just starting it is an opportunity to gain experience and find the proper audience, and for those who develop already existing businesses it is a Space with creators joining the movement for promoting their own services and acquiring new customers.

Firstly, use a possibility to create your own community or to join one of already created. There you can promote your ideas or services and gain your audience. Secondly, you can distribute, license and sell your music content through our platform. Finally, you can create your own services store, sell different items in the ecosystem and thus monetize your creativity.

So, there are many things to experience with PublMe. Join the community network, include yourself in the modern virtual economy and bring your own identity there.

Stay tuned 💫

PublMe. For Everyone. Really.


PublMe was updated to v.1.8.3a and now Agency PublMe is included in it's core.

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